Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SUMMER OF FUN with Pure Endurance

The small club of Pure Endurance Inc will be hosting a series of events from the Finch Hatton Showgrounds near Mackay.

These events will be of varying distances from 20km to 40km and even 80km.  We will also hold TPR training, CS training and assistance as well as Education sessions.

Volunteer's are welcome - come along, you'll be surprised at what you can learn and how much fun you will have!  PDF Flyers are available, just email me your interest and I get one straight out to you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Talieb Update

This week has been a week of starting to introduce Talieb to becoming a riding  horse.  He was bought up to the stables and washed, his mane brushed out and trimmed and a rug went on.  Daily grooming has been a necessity to assist in  removing some of the winter coat he is shedding!

He's looking much improved already.

Sunday Steve was home briefly so the yards went up and Talieb had his first lesson.  We've started with lunging, turns, flexion, flexion with hip movement, backing then then bridle and saddle were also introduced.
He's coming along quite nicely. 

Pioneer Park Talieb starting under saddle 11.9.11

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pioneer Park Talieb - from paddock scruff to endurance horse

He has been and still is for sale, but with Absolutely no Genuine interest in this fellow we will simply ride him ourselves!

Talieb is rising 5yo registered pure arabian gelding by endurance horse Shades of Shagrir ex Tareva-Chine. He is 15.2 hands.

Talieb is a big horse with a big action.  His sire Shades of Shagrir has super terrific Heart Rate recoveries - about a total of 6 to 7 minutes total gate time for a 3 leg 80km FEI ride.
Hopefully Talieb has inherited this trait!

Follow him from unstarted paddock scruff to endurance horse.

Pioneer Park Talieb

Talieb 1st Sept 2011

Follow him from unstarted paddock scruff to endurance horse.
Photos taken 1st Sept 2011.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shahzada 400km Endurance Test - SUCCESS

a couple of weeks ago we packed up the gooseneck trailer with three horses and took a drive down to St Alban's in the Hunter Valley of NSW for the Shahzada 400km Endurance Test.
Horses were Pioneer Park Amurra and Kai Hai Sterling Sha;Kieraa for the 400km and Pioneer Park Navarone for the mini marathon of 125km.
Pioneer Park Navarone and Steve on the mini marathon.  Jo Arblaster photo

Unfortunatly Wendy and Kieraa took a fall on Boyd's hill on the 5th leg/morning of Day 3 and were eliminated due to lameness.  However Melissa and Amurra went on to be successful in the 400km placing 5th overall and 1st Lightweight.  Comments recorded in Amurra's logbook were very favourable and encouraging for a long term marathon career.
Navarone and Steve were also successful.  The kind of trips we enjoy!

Photo descending THE STEPS leg 7.  Photo courtesy of Kieron Power.