Sunday, January 30, 2011

Training and Cyclones

This morning we had the most awesome training session.  Steve on Shades of Shagrir and me on Pioneer Park Azaylia we rode 30km around the newly slashed headlands then along the river that winds its way around Cattle Creek and the base of the mountains.  The weather was kind, warm with a little wind and then about half way we did get some rain that cooled us and the horses, making them really want to run for home.

Tonight we are waiting for Tropical Cyclone Anthony to cross the coastline about 200km's north of us around the Proserpine/Bowen district.  Pretty certain that here although we will still recieve stong>gale force winds and a bunch of rain, that should be the extent of it.  TC Anthony is currently a category 1 cyclone which is rated the weakest but may cross as a category 2.  Last March, we experienced Tropical Cyclone Ululi in full force and at Category 3 was pretty full on but luckliy for us we maintained little damage compared to others.

However the tracking forecast for later in the week is alarming to say the least.  There is a large system that has been formed and is named TC Yasi.  THis is still located around the coast of Fiji.  Yasi is very large, and apparently extremely destructive with a massive 300km+ storm centre.

From Google Earth.  Australia on the right with TC Anthony about to cross
the coast of Qld around Bowen, with TC Yasi the massive white cell to the right.

TC Anthony nearly at the Qld Coast line with the much more impressive TC Yasi on the right.  Kinda puts things
into perspective.  TC Yasi is huge...nearly 1/3 the span of the Qld coast.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hey True Blue

Pioneer Park True Blue left for his new home last week; what a sad day, was hard having to say goodbye.
3 year old Bluey was sired by the now gelding and endurance horse Shades of Shagrir, and out of Sue Evan's mare Coolmunda Shaneen.  Blue has the loviest nature and was alwasys the first to have a chat or come up for some attention.  Small in stature he certainly made up for this with his large character! 

In his new home his young family will have him started under saddle and then have a lot of plans for him.  Dressage, PC, plus clicker training and also trick riding!  A nice young family & I'm sure they will be very happy together.