Friday, November 26, 2010


Waiting for this foal to arrive!  Our mature purebred mare, Azaria (Estashan x Andrianna) is now a couple of days over her due date with the very eagerly awaited foal sired by Cederdell Zanzibar from The Cameo Stud. 

Azaria is the dam of some of our well performed endurance horses; Pioneer Park Navarone (x Lyle dec) also sisters Pioneer Park Amurra (x Maf-Ue El Hossan dec) and Pioneer Park Azaylia (x our first stallion Turingal Park Nijinski).  

Navarone is the more well known of the siblings, being very well travelled and successfully competing to a WEG short listing. 
Amurra is smaller, tougher and the quiet achiever completing & winning the 2010 Atherton based 408km marathon this year. 
Azaylia has just completed her first season of endurance rides to become an Open mare - although the youngest sibling we feel she has the most potential as a top performer.

Azaria (Estashan x Andrianna) really due!