Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Training Resumes!

Boxing Day 2011 and for us it means that our holiday is over and training for endurance resumes!  Both me and the ponies are very definatly guilty of some over-indulging this festive season and have gone from Fab to Flab (well, the ponies at least could have been considered Fab, not sure about me!). 
With a dedicated training buddy we set out yesterday at 7am in the already sweltering heat - probably would have been better off starting somewhere around 3am~
Talieb (Pioneer Park Talieb) is being ridden for a combination of 'legging-up' and general saddle education and has been under saddle around 3 times a week during December.  Buddy Louise Miller is riding him today while I start the super mare, Miss K (Kai Hai Sterling Sha'kierra) back into work.  This pair work nicely together, Talieb trying in vain to match Kieraa's super marching walk!  Today Talieb impresses us both by trotting thru water without blinking an eye and crossing numerous water crossings - his only upset is the nasty palm fronds that try to catch him by the leg (palm fronds like to eat horses ::  we all know that right?)
Then we saddle Della (Avondale Park Della Cairo) and visiting mare Tarnya who is on a "working holiday" whilst her owner is on a real holiday!  Della is all business and has the best work ethic so not terribly impressed this day being partnered with Tarnya who thinks she should eat her way around the 10km loop.
With good intentions of riding more horses in the afternoon, we call it a day and head to the creek to cool off with hubby and dogs in tow to swim and relax in the cool water - finally some Boxing Day tradition!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Managing Horses on Small Properties Workshops are being held on 11, 12 & 13 November in Proserpine, Sarina & Mackay, respectively. The aim of these workshops is to promote safety, care & welfare for you, your horse and the environment.

The workshop will be presented by Jane Myers. Jane has been involved in the Horse Industry for over 30 years and is the author of publications including "Managing Horses on Small Properties".

The workshop will cover a range of topics:

Horse characteristics: how horse behaviour contributes to the management of a horse property

Pasture improvement and renovation

Horse and pasture management: how horse health and good property (environmental) care are linked

Manure management: how manure can be detrimental to a property and the environment if not properly managed and how to turn manure into an asset rather than a liability

Water management: importance of clean water, how to manage horses so that they do not pollute the waterways and how to use water responsibly

Vegetation management: the role of trees and plants both in the local and wider environment and the importance of revegetation and protection of trees and plants on a horse property

Property design and planning: what facilities are necessary on a horse's property and where to place them, the importance of planning and how to set about it.

Cost: $20 per person or $30 for two (includes lunch and morning tea)

RSVP: Registration and payment required by 8 November.

For more information please contact the relevant Landcare/Catchment group, depending on the workshop you are interested in.

Proserpine workshop: Friday 11 November, phone Whitsunday Catchment Landcare (WCL) on 4945 0267

Sarina workshop:Saturday 12 November, phone Sarina Landcare Catchment Management Association (SLCMA) on 4956 1388

Mackay workshop: Sunday 13 November, phone Pioneer Catchment and Landcare (PCL) on 4944 1979

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SUMMER OF FUN with Pure Endurance

The small club of Pure Endurance Inc will be hosting a series of events from the Finch Hatton Showgrounds near Mackay.

These events will be of varying distances from 20km to 40km and even 80km.  We will also hold TPR training, CS training and assistance as well as Education sessions.

Volunteer's are welcome - come along, you'll be surprised at what you can learn and how much fun you will have!  PDF Flyers are available, just email me your interest and I get one straight out to you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Talieb Update

This week has been a week of starting to introduce Talieb to becoming a riding  horse.  He was bought up to the stables and washed, his mane brushed out and trimmed and a rug went on.  Daily grooming has been a necessity to assist in  removing some of the winter coat he is shedding!

He's looking much improved already.

Sunday Steve was home briefly so the yards went up and Talieb had his first lesson.  We've started with lunging, turns, flexion, flexion with hip movement, backing then then bridle and saddle were also introduced.
He's coming along quite nicely. 

Pioneer Park Talieb starting under saddle 11.9.11

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pioneer Park Talieb - from paddock scruff to endurance horse

He has been and still is for sale, but with Absolutely no Genuine interest in this fellow we will simply ride him ourselves!

Talieb is rising 5yo registered pure arabian gelding by endurance horse Shades of Shagrir ex Tareva-Chine. He is 15.2 hands.

Talieb is a big horse with a big action.  His sire Shades of Shagrir has super terrific Heart Rate recoveries - about a total of 6 to 7 minutes total gate time for a 3 leg 80km FEI ride.
Hopefully Talieb has inherited this trait!

Follow him from unstarted paddock scruff to endurance horse.

Pioneer Park Talieb

Talieb 1st Sept 2011

Follow him from unstarted paddock scruff to endurance horse.
Photos taken 1st Sept 2011.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shahzada 400km Endurance Test - SUCCESS

a couple of weeks ago we packed up the gooseneck trailer with three horses and took a drive down to St Alban's in the Hunter Valley of NSW for the Shahzada 400km Endurance Test.
Horses were Pioneer Park Amurra and Kai Hai Sterling Sha;Kieraa for the 400km and Pioneer Park Navarone for the mini marathon of 125km.
Pioneer Park Navarone and Steve on the mini marathon.  Jo Arblaster photo http://www.animalfocus.com.au/

Unfortunatly Wendy and Kieraa took a fall on Boyd's hill on the 5th leg/morning of Day 3 and were eliminated due to lameness.  However Melissa and Amurra went on to be successful in the 400km placing 5th overall and 1st Lightweight.  Comments recorded in Amurra's logbook were very favourable and encouraging for a long term marathon career.
Navarone and Steve were also successful.  The kind of trips we enjoy!

Photo descending THE STEPS leg 7.  Photo courtesy of Kieron Power.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welsh Mountain x Arabian Pony Stallion

For Sale: Welsh Mountain/Arab pony stallion, 4years old, approx 13hh. In training,but green, needs experienced rider. Excellent herd stallion, good stud, can view last years foals, all mares pregnant again, which is regretful reason for sale. Hubby says 10 horses are more than enough. price $1750.00 phone 49584522.

Friday, July 22, 2011

**New** Qld Endurance EXPRESS!

New for Qld Endurance and a first for Endurance Australia!

A fabulous initative brought to you by the talented editor of the Qld Endurance News, Jo Weismann.

The Qld Endurance Express will be delivered *Free* direct to subscribers InBox and will keep you up to date on all the latest information such as ride changes, notices from SMC, results, previews etc.

Subscribers can opt out at any time. Subscribe from anywhere in the country...or World!
An offer will also be made for quarterly or bi-annual sponsorship of this... fantastic opportunity for unrivalled advertising at its best delivered direct to consumers!

Sign Up for Queensland Endurance Express today!
* required



Newsletter by VerticalResponse

Friday, June 17, 2011

Qld Endurance Magazine WINTER Edition

I have a couple of spare Qld Endurance magazines left over from our initial print - if you did not get one, or are not a member and would like one please PM me your postal address and will send one out. Hope to have these all in the mail over the weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chip Chase Sadaqa - passing of a legend

I had not posted in awhile and had intended on posting something on our recent successful ride at the Endurance Festival @ Toorbul. 

However today we recived the sad news that a legend has passed, the mighty Chip Chase Sadaqa. 

We feel very Privileged to have met Sadaqa a number of times and to have had the opportunity to breed to such a wonderful Arabian - the result is our very cherished young stallion Pioneer Park Wings of Sudan (x Agecroft Sahara). 

A photo of Sadaqa taken by Sharon Meyers at the Toft Farm has pride of place in our lounge room. 

Rest in Peace mate.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Website ReVamped!

The website for our farm and training facility has been revamped by freind and artist Nicole Cameron
Am super thrilled with Nic's work and can highly reccomend anyone requiring a new site or wanting an existing site to be refreshed that they speak to Nicole first!

Our site - Pioneer Arabians

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zalman Challenge Ride

Home from our journey to the Toft endurance event, the Zalman Challenge FEI ride.  We left home on Wednesday taking 2 horses for the FEI * ride, seasoned horse Shades of Shagrir and relative newbie Pioneer Park Azaylia.
Arriving Thursday mid-day, Shagrir had a midly swollen leg from a minor surface cut sustained just prior to leaving so the decision was to over-react and treat the leg and therefore with drawing him from entering the ride.
Peter Toft to the rescue - Toft Endurance offered Steve one of their up and coming super stars to ride along with me and Azaylia in the one star event, the Arab cross Appaloose Rupert TE.  Rupert is a well built grey gelding with forward moving attitude.

Friend Nicole Cameron arrived to stay for a few days and help us strap - lovely catching up with Nic and fabulous to have her on hand to assist us...still recovering from her broken shoulder she was a massive help during the weekend.  Thanks Nic!  Mid ride Friday night also seen the arrival of Ashley Ross and Carmel Trevorrow also to assist strap.  Azaylia is sired by Ashley's stallion, Turingal Park Nijinksi who we used to own.  Ash also has a gelding we bred, sired by Shades of Shagrir, so she was interested to see these 2 horses we had brought down.

The ride was great, and we were both successful in completing - Azaylia had terrific recoveries which is really encouraging, I think she's gonig to be every bit as good as her older half brother Navarone and then some.

We were able to bring home something very special - our mare Tractor (aka Agecroft Sahara).  Tractor had been with Toft's to visit Sadaqa with the hope of another special foal; but she had other plans and visited not Sadaqa but Sh'Tann!  Terrific to have her home, she looks fabulous and looking forward to having her PTIF today.

Pioneer Park Azaylia pre-ride

Monday, February 14, 2011

Revamped Website

Pioneer Arabians website is being totally revamped again by our good friend and very talented artist Nicole Cameron .  With just a few finishing touches to be made and the addition of some professional photos we plan to be able to launch the site in the next week.

Nicole is probably more known for her amazing portrails of animal life, mostly of the equine kind.  Her ability to capture the subject's true personality within her work is really spectacular.
We are very fortunate to have a number of Nicole's works here at home, mostly portriats of our beautiful arabian horses.
However she is really starting to make herself known building well desgined, bright, refreshing and functional websites as well - all touched with her artist flair to ensure they are totally unique.

So if you are looking for a website, new or revamped, a team or business logo or a portrait then we suggest you check out Nicole's website to see some fine examples of her work.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fernvale Zalman Challenge

Very much looking forward next week to the Oz Endurance FEI Zalman Challenge at Fernvale in the SE corner of Qld.  Although it has only been a few short months since we last competed it feels too long!
We have had a better prep than I anticipated tho the horses are still nowhere near being fit but believe they are fit for both the trip, and for the ride.

The horses we are taking - Shades of Shagrir who is now into his third season of endurance.  He has previoulsy completed successfully a FEI 80km* and 120km**.  Also Pioneer Park Azaylia who is the baby of the family, being only newly qualifed into endurance during 2010 this will be her first FEI* ride.  Azaylia is a half sister to our well permormed gelding Pioneer Park Navarone.

Much more exciting is that we will be bringing home our very special horse, Tractor aka Agecroft Sahara.   She has been away in the excellent care of Toft's, spending time with a special man called Sh'taan. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Training and Cyclones

This morning we had the most awesome training session.  Steve on Shades of Shagrir and me on Pioneer Park Azaylia we rode 30km around the newly slashed headlands then along the river that winds its way around Cattle Creek and the base of the mountains.  The weather was kind, warm with a little wind and then about half way we did get some rain that cooled us and the horses, making them really want to run for home.

Tonight we are waiting for Tropical Cyclone Anthony to cross the coastline about 200km's north of us around the Proserpine/Bowen district.  Pretty certain that here although we will still recieve stong>gale force winds and a bunch of rain, that should be the extent of it.  TC Anthony is currently a category 1 cyclone which is rated the weakest but may cross as a category 2.  Last March, we experienced Tropical Cyclone Ululi in full force and at Category 3 was pretty full on but luckliy for us we maintained little damage compared to others.

However the tracking forecast for later in the week is alarming to say the least.  There is a large system that has been formed and is named TC Yasi.  THis is still located around the coast of Fiji.  Yasi is very large, and apparently extremely destructive with a massive 300km+ storm centre.

From Google Earth.  Australia on the right with TC Anthony about to cross
the coast of Qld around Bowen, with TC Yasi the massive white cell to the right.

TC Anthony nearly at the Qld Coast line with the much more impressive TC Yasi on the right.  Kinda puts things
into perspective.  TC Yasi is huge...nearly 1/3 the span of the Qld coast.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hey True Blue

Pioneer Park True Blue left for his new home last week; what a sad day, was hard having to say goodbye.
3 year old Bluey was sired by the now gelding and endurance horse Shades of Shagrir, and out of Sue Evan's mare Coolmunda Shaneen.  Blue has the loviest nature and was alwasys the first to have a chat or come up for some attention.  Small in stature he certainly made up for this with his large character! 

In his new home his young family will have him started under saddle and then have a lot of plans for him.  Dressage, PC, plus clicker training and also trick riding!  A nice young family & I'm sure they will be very happy together.